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Just when things could not get better, the biceps of EDM have surprised us yet again. Not only has SLANDER released a new single titled “Hurt Sometimes,” but they have also announced a new label – Heaven Sent!

The dynamic duo is known for teaming up with NGHTMRE for their label Gud Vibrations. Gud Vibrations is home to various wonderful artists who we all love dearly. This month 5 years ago, SLANDER released their debut EP Nuclear Bonds and ever since they did that they’ve been sitting happily at the top of the throne. 

From Twitch streams to explosive collaborations, SLANDER never fails to disappoint their fans. To continue to protect the title that I have personally given them as the biceps of EDM, SLANDER has returned with not only a new single, but also a new label. 

SLANDER teamed up with Canadian electronic producer, Fairlane, to release “Hurts Sometimes.” This brand-new single features a magical blend of acoustic guitar and the infamous hard-hitting electronic synths that have personally become my daily emotional theme song. Jonathan Mendelsohn offers up his astonishing vocals that truly move the hearts of those who listen. 

“Hurt Sometimes” is the clear definition of who SLANDER is and why we love that duo. Having the single as the inaugural release for the label gives us a taste of what is in store in the near future. 

To get a little personal, SLANDER has impacted my life in various ways. Let’s just say I cried a little bit because I know for a fact they are about to shake up the world.

Listen to “Hurts Sometimes” below – out now on Heaven Sent Records!

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