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Brunchbeatz is back with another destructive delight “Facturas.” Thanks to our buds at 40 Oz. Cult, Brunch gets to rearrange our necks once again with a bass music ballad.

Now let’s jump out of the frying pan and into the fire with “Facturas.”

A wavy intro flows into a pattern of beautiful chords leading up to the riser. The first drop is super crunchy, just like your neck after headbanging to this tune. But that cleaaaaan transition into the drop is what makes my spine shiver. Drop number two is very aggressive, destroying speakers left and right with bone-rattling bass. This song definitely plays in the background while my family fights for that last piece of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner.

Brunch has built up a stellar resume this year. Including songs such as “Scrambled,” “Poached,” “Hardboiled,” “Crepe” released through Excision’s new label, Subsidia, and The Menu EP which featured “Bizcocho,” “Burnt,” and “Toasted.” Who knows what Brunch will serve up next year, but I’m sure it will be hella delicious. 

Listen to “Facturas” by Brunchbeatz:

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