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Three words. Ten letters. Say it and I’m yours. And yes, we are referring to Rufus du Sol. More specifically, their brand new remix of “No Time” by fellow Rose Avenue label mates and sibling duo, Lastlings.

After first being signed to Rufus’ self-launched label in 2018, Lastlings has been mentored by the Grammy-nominated group, joined them on their 2019 SOLACE world tour, and now Rufus has put their own fresh spin on “No Time.”

“No Time” is also significant mark in the Australian trio’s career. As only their third remix to date, it follows in the footsteps of their “The Runner” Foals rework and ODESZA‘s “It’s Only.” With an official remix and extended remix out now, Rufus offers a house take on “No Time” and packs the track with masterful chord progression and stunning deep synths.

This is the first release for Rufus du Sol since debuting their 45-minute immersive film and live album RUFUS DU SOL: LIVE FROM JOSHUA TREE, but they’ve commented that this remix is “one of the many things they’ve been cooped up working on this year.” In the meantime, “No Time” stands independently as a sign of further monumental growth from each of the artists.

Listen to the Rufus du Sol remix of “No Time” now below:

Paired with the set of remixes, they’ve also graced us with a six minute visualizer. Giving viewers the perspective of moving through a train car with thick sound waves vibrating and glowing LED lights, it showcases the darker, club-esque feel to the song.

Animation – Sky Iraheta
Creative Direction – Joe Mortimer

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