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2020 has thrown a lot at us, including the cancellation of some of our favorite events. Rather than simply cancelling Camp Kulabunga, GRiZ went above and beyond – as he always does. GRiZ & Friends recently announced that the beloved Kulabunga wellness retreat will take place virtually on August 29 and 30.

Camp Kulabunga wellness retreat began in 2018, giving participants an intimate, sober and technology-free experience. Kulabunga has long been a safe space for members of all communities, and strives to create a diverse and welcoming experience unlike any other.

This year’s retreat will take place via Zoom. As a result, Virtual Kulabunga will expand its usual capacity and accommodate attendees from all around the world.

Virtual Kulabunga will feature immersive livestreamed workshops including creative writing, mindful movement, holistic fitness, guided meditation, and more.

In an effort to give fans and friends alike a chance to connect and find a sense of community, self-empowerment, and radical inclusion, the wellness retreat will feature these workshops with a wide variety of facilitators. The at-home experience will offer participants an opportunity to take a weekend and create space for themselves with intention. While participating, attendees with have the opportunity to express creativity, and experience growth and reflection.

Along with the workshops, tickets to GRiZ’s Virtual Kulabunga will include a care package with exclusive supplies to enhance the weekend experience. The care package includes a guided workbook, pen, art supplies, engagement tools, off-screen activity resources, and limited-edition merch. And we LOVE merch.

GRiZ is a smart cookie, and he knows we will get (and may already be) sick of screens. So, rather than gluing us to our monitors for two days straight, workshops will be spread across the weekend between 10AM – 9PM, with downtime between for meals, resting and screen breaks.

GRiZ and his team are making Kulabunga more widely accessible when we need it most. Join GRiZ & Friends for a weekend of centering and realignment. Register here!

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