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In tough times like these, we seek solace in the music we surround ourselves with. Artists like harris cole give us a sense of peace we’ve been longing for. The ambient, lo-fi producer’s latest EP hey, september is composed of two very therapeutic tracks, “Gone Fishing” and “Hey, September.”

The two masterfully crafted tracks hold atmospheric qualities that undoubtedly provoke a sense of melancholy and reflection, yet in the midst of beauty. This EP will give you a comfortable sense of solitude as you watch a slowly painted sunset fill the quietness of your mind. The simplicity is relieving and rather meditative.

harris cole has developed a sound design that is uniquely his own. His vast discography expresses alternative elements of sound, layered with bits and pieces of idiosyncrasy and touches of distortion. The structure of harris’ songs vary, but much of what he creates boasts an atypical beat amongst pleasant ambiance.

hey, september errs on the more minimalistic side of his discography, but still radiates the design that is distinctly harris cole. There’s emotion inside of those soft beats and gentle percussion. He truly takes you on a reflective journey, plucking melodic strings of serenity. So, do yourself a favor and press play. You’re probably in need of a warm hug, and hey, september is just that.

Stream harris cole’s EP hey, september here:

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