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Keep an eye and ear out for this producer, because we can bet money that Rome in Silver will be the next big thing in electronic music. I mean, after all, he’s playing his first Electric Forest set in 2020. When Electric Hawk heard he would be dropping an edit of the new TNGHT track, “Dollaz”, you already know that we were in there like swimwear.

Some of you might know him from countless tracks on Bitbird mixes, and some of you might know him from the banger remixes he puts out on Soundcloud. I was lucky enough to watch him open up for San Holo and then started following him I once heard someone play his (unreleased) Flume remix of “Some Minds”.

If you go through Rome in Silver’s discography on Soundcloud, Rome in Silver never sticks to one genre. He effortlessly produces music of all shapes and sizes and perfects every single one of them. He can go from funky house in “Not My Problem” to beautiful future bass in his remix of “Ezra” by Flume so painlessly. He’s talented AF and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for him.

Artwork for Rome in Silver “Dollaz” Edit

Once you hear this Rome in Silver “Dollaz” bootleg, you’ll think he’s been producing hard trap his whole life. He conserves TNGHT’s spirit of booty-bouncing repetition all the while adding his own twist with shattering glass and flutes to boot. He ends the track with (in our opinion) underrated jersey club to really make you get up and shake your ass like nobody’s watching…

If one thing’s for sure, we’re big fans and we can’t wait to twerk—or cry to, depending on the genre—whatever Rome in Silver has to make.

Listen to Rome in Silver “Dollaz” below:

And if you’re looking for a solid playlist to follow, keep up with our weekly Spotify Playlist, Fresh Hunts. Whether it’s the newest hits from Rome in Silver, your other favorite artists, some old school, or underground—we want you to hear it.

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