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Deep below in the underground a boiling revolution of bass music is brewing, and Ravenscoon and Viskus sit proudly at the forefront. Ravenscoon is already a common name among the Electric Hawk family from blessing us with a massive guest mix, and Viskus graced the world with a head-splitting track with Super Future, ‘Lay It Back’. Now The Untz has the honor of releasing their latest heater, ‘HEX’.

Ravenscoon and Viskus form a sinister alliance to conjure the darkest of sounds and blend cinematic drums, menacing bass, and winding percussions that flip the room upside-down and cast an evil spell over you that demands your complicit movement to the music.

Listen to Ravenscoon x Viskus – HEX (Out Now on The Untz)


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SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Dariel Leiva

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