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Super Future is no stranger to The Electric Hawk, with a phenomenal and diverse guest mix on Electric Hawk Radio, and a plethora of heavy-hitting releases racking up for him such as his Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow Flip with Sesh, ‘Brodak Yellah’. It’s been a swift moving year for the producer, generating levels of work that surpasses expectations every time.

Lay It Back
Captured by Matt Dippel

Now Super Future’s blazing trail this year continues as he collaborates with Viskus on their latest brawling-bass tune, ‘Lay It Back‘ via MorFlo Records. Skittering with extraterrestrial synths and menacing low-frequencies, Super Future and Viskus’ ‘Lay It Back’ is a wildly fun spaceship ride blasting off into our universe of sound.

Michigan is clearly producing some of the finest upcoming artists, as Super Future (Nick Rowland) and Viskus (Nick Krauskoff) both conveyed their talents by winning last year’s The Untz Challenge which lead them to play several top festivals over the summer.

Listen to Super Future x Viskus – Lay It Back below.

Super Future

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