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Quite literally the opposite of its name, Fryar and Houman’s title track ‘Nerve‘ off of their upcoming collaborative EP releasing on Saturate Records on August 13th is absolutely unnerving, and without a doubt their most crushing work yet.

The two experimental bass music prodigies are no stranger to Electric Hawk, with both Fryar and Houman having released guest mixes on Electric Hawk Radio, their history together goes back even farther with their first collaborative EP ‘Duality‘ from almost a year ago.

Bursting through at the start with gritty atmospheres and anxiety-inducing soundscapes, ‘Nerve’ takes immense pleasure in shifting synth-work that plucks away at the sane mind of listeners, never remaining stagnant for a single moment, and the two creatives made sure to push their cunning production skills to the very edge, crafting this idea into the masterpiece it is.

Listen to Fryar & Houman – ‘Nerve’ (Out Now via Saturate Records)


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