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The countdown is over, and the ever-evolving Farrah delivers a fiery trap single, “Arrival!” The excitement surrounding this tune is contagious as this is the starting point of a new direction for her. Without a doubt, she has proven to be a leading lady in the bass/trap scene with releases on Bassrush, BredNButter, and of course, Electric Hawk. Farrah, queen of keeping her sound fresh and innovative, has done it again – “Arrival” packs a punch!

Arrival is the song that was a turning point for me. Production-wise, I finally felt 100% confident in who I am as a multi-genre lover and creator. The song blends influences from different sources of my life and it was an experiment of pushing myself so that I could make different moods work in one story. Visual-wise, I felt that the aesthetic of the Farrah brand needed an evolution to signify the turning point and I’m so proud to have worked with soju to bring this vision to reality.

– Farrah
press shot of Farrah Arrival

“Arrival” is the perfect balance of familiar trap vibes and Farrah’s contemporary style

I know I’m biased, but this tune slaps. The ominous build-up is deceiving as it suddenly transforms into a wild bassline with many twists and turns. Farrah’s creativity knows no bounds! The soft topline mixed with a slight Jersey club beat pays tribute to the lovable and classic trap sound. So, not only is “Arrival” a heater, but it also keeps the listener engaged and wanting more! It’s only the beginning of Farrah’s artistic exploration, and I know I’m not the only one who cannot wait to see what else she has in store.

It’s obvious how hard it is being a woman of color in the music industry, but Farrah stands her ground. As mentioned before, she quickly became a pioneer in the scene while also continuing to support the ladies around her! For example, she curated a very successful live stream with Electric Hawk titled All-Stars, which included herself and six other badass female producers. Will there be more curated events like All-Stars? Hopefully! Make sure to follow Farrah’s socials to stay in the loop, but in the meantime listen to her new tune, “Arrival,” below!

Get inspired with “Arrival” by Farrah!

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