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As DJ Khaled would say, “ANOTHA ONE!” R3HAB is back, yet again, with another remix. Teaming up with Thutmose and Rema, R3HAB has transformed their song “Love in The Morning” into the party track of the summer. 

Thutmose and Rema

Thutmose is currently one of the most promising young artists in the music world. From rapping to singing, Thutmose has a sharp ear for production that allows him to submerge himself into any type of genre he can. He jumped onto the leader boards with his collaboration with Rema. They are both Nigerian musicians and are making strides. 

Although “Love in The Morning” was released in 2019, Thutmose and Rema reached out to worldwide artist, R3HAB, to give their song a twist. 

The CYB3RPVNK king blends his electronic talent with the artists’ afrobeats, giving this song an even more vibrant color fitting for the summer. 

Originally, I was asked to remix Thutmose & Rema’s ‘Love in The Morning,’ but the workflow on this one was so smooth and pleasant. And additionally Thutmose and Rema were so involved and interested in the process, that we decided to combine our forces to release this dance spin-off of ‘Love in The Morning;’ as our original release. I have never done anything like this before. I love this fusion of Dance Music and Afrobeats.


Stream “Love in The Morning” down below!

Watch the “Love in the Morning” music video

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