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We didn’t think “Ezra” by Flume could get any better… well, that was until we heard the UNSAiD remix. Twenty seconds in and you can slap our ass and call us Sally.

Perfecting his crisp production skills out of San Francisco, UNSAiD is a master of midtempo. After featuring him on our very own virtual Harmony festival, we just haven’t been able to get enough of his unique sound. And now, he’s decided to put his own darker take on this classic electronic track.

Paying homage to the original and building off of the core foundation, he adds an ominous feel through playing with the textures and distorting the bassline.

Commenting on the track, UNSAiD also spoke on what went into making the bass-heavy remix.

Being an artist who likes to explore different melodic textures, I’ve always known I wanted to give ‘Ezra’ a darker bass line. As UNSAiD, I found it very true to self to give a song I love a twist of my dark side.


For more from UNSAiD, you can also check out his Glitch Mob remix or original mini mix.

Listen to the UNSAiD remix of “Ezra” below!

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