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Our favorite remix king is back with more. To continue his house vibe, R3HAB took Jason Derulo’s “Take You Dancing” and gave it a nice twist. Despite being in a global pandemic, R3HAB has taken this time to deliver nothing but bangers for us to dance to at home. 


The original song by Jason Derulo is already packed with some sugar, but R3HAB came in and add some spice to it. This remix has been growing in streams via Atlantic Records. The spice that is added is a deep and groovy bassline that blends in perfectly with Derulo’s sultry vocals.

 Even though the music world is on total lockdown, for now, R3HAB has taken this opportunity to focus on his sound and relationships with other artists while collaborating with them. R3HAB took “Take You Dancing” and gave it a new look that can transport whoever listens to a nightclub, dancing the night away with your lover or friends. 

In a way, R3HAB is the remix Santa Claus. With each remix he gifts, the more dancing we can do in our living rooms since we can’t go to the club to show off our skills.

Stream “Take You Dancing” – out now on Atlantic Records!

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