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Hot girl summer? More like “Party Girl” summer with our buddy R3HAB. This track will have you dancing all night long with a smile on your face. 

Another day, another great hit from R3HAB. He has been releasing nothing but BANGERS this entire summer and we cannot thank him enough. Just last week he released “Thinking About You” with Winona Oak! He has been climbing the leader board with his big room house tracks. 

R3HAB Party Girl

R3HAB gives us the perfect big room, progressive energy we hold close to our hearts. “Party Girl” is the ultimate track for the summer. It’s filled with a great dance beat that will have you on the dance floor for hours. 

Listening closely to the lyrics, R3HAB describes the party girl that he is falling for. Honestly, in a way, we are all that party girl he is describing. Hopefully, we will get to hear this track sooner or later once shows and festivals are back in order. 

This track is out now on R3HAB’s label – CYB3RPVNK, which is fantastic. This label is nothing but explosive due to those on the team. The team includes R3HAB as the ring leader with Skytech, Waysons, and Cityzen following behind. They all have different sounds but together, they come as one to create pure greatness. 

Stream “Party Girl” down below – out now on CYB3RPVNK Label! 

Watch the music video for “Party Girl” here:

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