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Chee released a monster tune today. The single entitled “Monsterfy” astounds fans and producers alike. Taking his drum and bass roots and smashing out a gargantuan one for the headbangers, Chee’s work has been nothing short of masterful. We here at Electric Hawk can’t help but wonder what what this man will do next!

Lesegeaux Chez, aka Chee, has an arsenal of unreleased tunes that are sure to flex any sound system. The complexity of his work has always been audible in his music. Chee releases this impressive single on the tail end of a busy schedule. A schedule that included sets at music festivals such as Lost Lands Music Festival and Wakaan Festival in the span of just a week.

When addressing his busy schedule Chee said, “Just here to give you an update that things are about to happen… these past couple of months I’ve been preoccupied with shows and personal things but now it’s time I started putting out my music.. a lot of it. Apologies for the hold up.” With him cranking out music of this quality, true fans will have no problem being patient and staying excited for upcoming releases… but we are very happy that the wait is over.

Listen to ‘Monsterfy’ below.

Chee announces more releases to come.

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