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Grammy-nominated music maker, Matan Zohar or Mat Zo, keeps it rolling with “The Next Chapter.” The single released with Anjunabeats came along with an announcement of The Next Chapter Tour.

We cannot wait to see how this year unfolds for Mat Zo

Matan explores deeper sound in “The Next Chapter.” He expresses this with a rendition of bringing back dark trance.

“There was a period in the mid-2000s when trance was starting to get really dark. For ‘The Next Chapter’ I wanted to rekindle that dark trance energy. I added the GQ sample (of him MCing at Westfest) because it reminded me of a drum and bass roller, but in trance form.”

Mat Zo about new single, “The Next Chapter”

Listeners are drawn in by the enticing, dark, jungly house sound. It’ll send witchy tingles down your spine while you’re also busy throwing that ass in the circle.

Matan has been paying homage to the decks for a long time, so it’s no contest whether or not to catch this man live.

The Next Chapter Tour dates are as follows:

Listen to “The Next Chapter” here:

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