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Unreleased or Incomplete Incantations & Formulae. In other words, a brand new potions mixtape of originals, remixes, and collaborations. And if you didn’t believe in magic before, you will after you hear this.

Introducing the mix with a computerized sample and modulated glitches, he wastes no time getting right into it. Over the course of 25 minutes, it’s strewn with ID’s that range between deep dubstep to the opposite end of the spectrum, downtempo and ambient tracks with wide, mesmerizing soundscapes. It’s as if each sound, each element, each track is a different ingredient to the potion and, rightfully, each have a contrasting result on the listener.

Mentioned below in the caption of the mixtape, potions talks on the meaning behind the project and how much it means to him.

this year has been hell. i made a lot of these during the beginning of lockdown, before the album i am working on had much direction. i guess in some ways these r b sides or incomplete demos but they feel special and important to me. i hope they find you all well.

– potions

And if you listen closely, you might even be able to catch tiedye ky and CharlestheFirst collaborations snuck in there.

Listen to the full potions unreleased mix below now:

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