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The holidays are often about giving back to those in need and this year more individuals need help than ever before. On Giving Tuesday, the leading music industry charity, MusiCares, launched their heartwarming “Help for the Holidays” fundraiser.

We are ALWAYS in full support of organizations that do everything they can to help out.

The MusiCares Foundation is a non-profit organization by The Recording Academy, aka The GRAMMYs. They have been active in helping musicians since their initiation, always being a safe space to turn to in times of crisis. When COVID hit, MusiCares stepped up once again to start a relief fund. They raised over $20 million, which was distributed to more than 20,000 individuals of various roles in the industry!

MusiCares is back to “Help for the Holidays.”

The “Help for the Holidays” initiative comes as life for those in the music industry remains uncertain as the pandemic continues to devastate their professional landscape and additional government assistance remains on hold.


To continue with their COVID relief, the organization is giving $250 essential goods e-cards to 4,000 professionals. The only requirements are at least 3 years of employment in music and a demonstration of need, due to the impacts of the ongoing live music event cancellations. Apply, here!

Layoffs have left bands, crews and music support people jobless and struggling to attain basic provisions, from food on the table to gasoline in the car.

Laura Segura, Executive Director of MusiCares

Times are truly harder than we may think for music industry individuals these days. Popular streaming platforms give the bare minimum in streaming royalties, merch drops go towards paying the artists’ team, live streams are often free to viewers… I’m sure you’re catching on. With all of this being said, MusiCares is helping to save the people who put on the events we miss so dearly! If you are able to donate at all, please consider doing so, here.

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