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Weird times call for weird music. The dubstep don and original bad boy selecta dropped some heat right before the weekend hit. The new Caspa EP, Let’s Get Weird, gives us chills and makes us feel a lil’ bit weirdddd.

Caspa never ceases to amaze us as he continuously delivers some of the deepest sounds we know in dubstep. It’s no shock that he does just this with his latest EP.

Wasting no time, he opens the EP with a bouncy and upbeat track called “From the Gods.” Next in line, “What The Brass” utilizes instrumentals to produce a funky bass feel. Following suit, Caspa’s previously released track “Sedated” give us the illusion of being sedated by bass. “Lost in LA” then gives us trippy vocals mixed with deep brass tracks, into “Blame You,” which tricks us into a melodic vibe before dropping insanely deep wubs. Lastly, the final song of the EP, “Don’t Know When To Stop,” gives us every Caspa sound in the book. Furthermore, the EP wholeheartedly exemplifies exactly what differentiates Caspa from the rest of dubstep.

Listen to the Let’s Get Weird EP from Caspa and feel the bass here:

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