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Time to explore the depths of your mind with Osyris and her new single “Subconscious” featuring The Lyrik. Catch this Electric Hawk Exclusive Premiere before the public release on April 5th!

The duo returns from their last collaboration last Fall and brings us deep into the abyss of our psyches and shows us how to ravish our interior thoughts. Just allow the subliminal sounds from the duo to take you deep into your “Subconscious!”

Osyris Subconscious Press Photo
Photo Credit: Brian Rapaport

Time to listen to your “Subconscious” and let it take over!

Through the ominous metronome tones in the introduction, we slowly begin feeling the steady pulses of our mind vibrate. While we fall into a dark trance, the booming vocals from The Lyrik blast through our temples; the temperature rises and the room begins to warp around us. We wait for The Lyrik’s command as he roars “Until you hear that bass drop,” and the resonating vibrations swarm the atmosphere. As the darkness animates through the room, the bass pounds through the trenches of the shadows. The reverberating sonics seep through the nerves and control us as we sway along to the sinister undertones. Osyris’ production induces us into a hypnotic state as we submerge into our inner spirit.

Undoubtedly, the duo crafts an anthem for bass enthusiasts that want to fall back into the moments they fell in love with the underground scene. Osyris establishes an environment that welcomes the obscurities that lie within the shadows. “Subconscious” alters our reality with each listen as we unknowingly continue pressing the repeat button. Through the spellbinding production from Osyris and thriving lyrics from The Lyrik, there is nothing we can do but fall deep into a daze as we hear what our subconscious is asking from us.

Osyris Subconscious Cover Art

Osyris continues flourishing as she rises in the underground community!

Naturally, Osyris this year has been gaining traction within the bass community and attention from everyone else. In February, she made a big appearance on the Street Ritual compilation and recently finished her two-show run opening for Dirt Monkey in Los Angeles and San Diego. Later in the year, she will be taking the stage at festivals like The Untz Festival and Lightning in a Bottle. Not only that, but she’ll be tagging along with the B-Side Los Angeles crew for their 360 event in May and making her debut in Denver on April 11th at The Black Box. Osyris continues to surpass all expectations with no sign of stopping for her. From experimenting with new sounds and crossing boundaries within her soundscapes, Osyris is a name to have on your radar!

Let the bass from Osyris tap into your “Subconscious” and listen to the exclusive premiere below!

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