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Salsa master ONHELL and master beatmaker Aztek team up to bring you “Perennial” as a nice little cap to a season shifting week. Released on November 5, “Perennial” exudes heavy rhythm and deep groovy basslines. Any lover of bass music will succumb to its engaging tempo.

ONHELL and Aztek capture their unique styles to deliver “Perennial”

“Perennial” paints an atmosphere that drips with high tempo and deep bass; plus, a prominent drop that exemplifies both. Layered with deep bass grooves and distant hi-hats, the listener moves and bops to the rhythm, being consumed by the immersive soundscape.

ONHELL Aztek Perennial
ONHELL // Photo taken from Instagram

Great art is often the product of imposed constraints

The constraint here is time itself. It took ONHELL and Aztek about 15 minutes to get an idea for “Perennial” together. Yes, you read that correctly. Fifteen minutes… What am I doing with my life? Clearly, these two were born to make music.

Making this tune started with chaotic energy. I rolled up to Aztek’s spot unannounced, Kramer style, and we only had like 15 minutes to get an idea out. We had a lot of fun making it, chaotic fun. Aztek is such a sick producer. After that quick session he finished it up and crushed it. 

ONHELL Aztek Perennial
Aztek // Photo by @darkmatterphotographs

Crushing it is an understatement, and we love the chaotic energy that Aztek and ONHELL crafted into the song. It brings a flare of lawlessness that gives the listener a vibrational experience. No matter the change of season, this song will endure the test of time.

Check it out here:

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