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No one talk to us – ODESZA just surprised us with “The Last Goodbye” and it cannot be interrupted. Featuring the classic soul-fueled voice Betteye LaVette, the intoxicating track has our jaws on the floor and tears streaming down our face.

After asking what “The Last Goodbye” could mean last week, we’ve been given an answer, though not a complete one.

ODESZA shocked the world with this track. Although the pre-release marketing was vague, it piqued the interest of fans everywhere, setting us up for the warm and welcomed surprise of new music. Though we’ve gotten one track, we still aren’t sure if this is really “goodbye.”

“The Last Goodbye” begins with the commanding sounds of critically acclaimed blues and soul vocalist Betteye LaVette‘s classic song “Let me Down Easy” which was originally recorded in 1965.

LaVette’s emotionally charged vocals slip into ODESZA’s classic distorted synth, driving percussion, and pure euphoria that we have been missing since A Moment Apart in 2018.

Perhaps our favorite part it the incredible bassline that comes about half way through the track, which ultimately clocks in at six minutes.

What’s next for the duo? Who knows. But we can’t wait for it, whatever it may be. And if it is goodbye, we hope they’ll let us down easy. This recent post in their Discord gives us hope that we may be seeing more of them.

ODESZA has shaped our love for dance music for so long and we are ready for whatever they give us (please album and tour please album and tour PLEASE ALBUM AND TOUR).

Listen to “The Last Goodbye” from ODESZA and Betteye LaVette here:

You can also check out the official visualizer here.

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