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A shining beacon of what a true artistic breakthrough really looks like, ONHELL pushes beyond his boundaries and delivers staggering EP, ‘Kill Your Self Doubt.’

Not long after his ‘Graveyard Shift‘ release, the first track off of the EP, we realized something spectacular was unfolding. He’s been hard at work crafting his magnum opus, and you can truly feel that passion and desire invoked within this body of work from the LA creative, Angel Rubio-Hale.

2018 was probably the worst year of my life. For a while there I was under the impression I was gonna go to prison for a good number of years. Luckily I swooped out of that situation and am on the come up. It’s been a long road and music definitely took a big hit during that period in my life.

I know some find inspiration within conflict, but in this case, making music confidently was really hard. This next release is my come back. ‘Kill your Self Doubt’ is just a message I feel represents my mindset after all the turmoil and I hope it inspires more confidence in everyone’s art.

ONHELL Kill Your Self Doubt

ONHELL blends grime, ominous sounds, bass, and IDM into 6 distinct tracks that carry their very own edge.

Intuition‘ begins with signature rising synths that ascend the emotion to an incredibly high which inevitably smashes forcefully into a wall of heavy-knocking beats and 808s, splitting apart like an atom.

Falling in at the core of this masterpiece is the title track. Brimming with ethereal soundscapes and serene padded synths that layer perfectly with the rest of the ambiance, the track suddenly comes to a brief halt before continuing to transcend once more. This is one of those songs you close your eyes for a bit and levitate elsewhere for a moment.

Don’t miss ONHELL’s set at the Sermon renegade takeover at Wakaan Music Festival!

Listen to ONHELL Kill Your Self Doubt.


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