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From making incredible waves this year with a few standout tracks that have reached global acclaim, SWAYLÓ is finally here with his debut EP, ‘Reflections‘.

He’s the newest addition to Gravitas Recordings‘ label which is home to some of the greats that have been taking over the scene such as CloZee, Minnesota, Au5, and Psymbionic’s releases.

Reflections is an intuitive adventure through magical soundscapes, groove, and deep house trap vibes that bear deep tribal influences. As a body of work, this is an enlightening experience of a play-through front to back.

The EP begins with a tribal trap rhythmic bop, ‘Desert Flower’, that powers through with an infectious lead, playful percussion, and a groove switch-up which surely will have you moving. To end the EP, ‘Second Nature’ brings forth serene sounds that invoke a feeling of transcendence within you.

SWAYLÓ Is more than an artist, an art collective or an event series. SWAYLÓ is a movement and a mission-driven initiative. From the smallest of details, every aspect of a SWAYLÓ experience is rooted in Ancient tradition and is a symbolistic expression of art, connection, and ritual.

Listen to SWAYLÓ Reflections below.


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