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NOWAVE emerges from the pandemic with “Signal.” This warehouse number dropped on May 19 via Electric Hawk’s very own series, The Nest. NOWAVE channels several decades of techno evolution in this latest release.

In the past, NOWAVE flexed their affinity to prduce deep dub, leftfield bass, and experimental trap. Lost Dogz hosted his ghostly trap beat, “Sensory,” on The Pound. NOWAVE also previously collaborated with Blunts & Blondes on “How To Cast Spells,” a deep dub track with witchy undertones. Furthermore, he teamed up with Taylorlace on “Belgium,” a heavy trap song debuted via PRIME last year.

However, NOWAVE also appears to be dabbling elsewhere. His self-released mix, “CONTROL SYSTEM,” is packed full of techno originals by him and some of his collaborations. He is surfing on a techno wave, and “Signal” continues this trend.

NOWAVE teases the release of “Signal” on Twitter.

“Signal” transports listeners to a warehouse show.

NOWAVE builds this track sampling elements from several decades of house and techno. “Signal” hooks listeners in with a squelching bass riff, reminiscent of 1980s acid house. Then, a classic bassline and hi-hat pairing enter, echoing just slightly. NOWAVE paints imagery of a big, empty room full of people dancing while only a strobe light flashes. Distorted vocals punctuate the track that trace back to vocal house, popularized in the early 1990s.

The second half of “Signal” takes on a softer side of four-on-the-floor genres. NOWAVE retains the vocals from the first portion of the song, along with the driving bassline and hi-hat pattern. However, he brings in flavors from progressive house and mixes them with techno characteristics. deadmau5 comes to mind hearing the variety of beautiful, droning synths.

NOWAVE has previously impressed with his bass music production. In “Signal,” he flexes his talent for techno and hypnotizes listeners with a slowly shifting soundscape.

Listen to “Signal” below, out now!

Cover art for “Signal” created by NOWAVE.

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