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In the small little bass town that is Salt Lake City, a music collective by the name of Blaq Void has been piloting the sounds the local scene has been sorely missing for over two years. So it’s no surprise that they dug up some major talent recently. The powerhouse trio XEN10 is made up of LENIX-IX from Utah, Xavier from Michigan, and Solara Wild from Canada. Their debut single “Stuck” came out this month, and it’s the trap song the valley needs.

In a place dominated by dubstep, the trap elements of the tune are massively refreshing to the scene. The first drop feels like a heartbeat, masterfully mixed elements of sound come together to create a smooth and drifty listening experience. The second one shatters all of these expectations.

XEN10 Beats By Coco Electric Hawk
Image courtesy of Coo Coo Cachoo

XEN10 has created a dance song worthy of a true sound rig. An awesome song to come out right as we’re getting the chance to finally stretch our legs after this pandemic. As we leave our homes even more often, we truly are no longer ‘Stuck’ and ready to hear more from XEN10 soon.

Listen to ‘Stuck’ by XEN10 below!

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