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You all know that we stan Vieira in this house. His new track, “Marble Mountain,” presents a different side of the experimental bass producer. Sensual bass to make you float away in the summer nights. . .

Firstly, you gotta dive into this track: “Marble Mountain

Now that the formalities are out of the way, tell me not, Vieira really outdid himself with this one!

The experimental bass producer we love shows us a more emotional side.

Vieira – Photo Provided by Instagram

The musing piano keys slowly evolve into distant chimes. This immediately hooks the listener in, drawing them in to explore this new soundscape. The track culminates into what you think will be a nasty drop; yeah, you would think that. Instead, Vieira whisks you away into the world of downtempo.

The New York producer becomes your guide through “Marble Mountain” and all its uncharted musical wonders. As you ascend through the track, you can hear the layered bass elements. Working in true harmony beneath the chimes.

Marble Mountain is the cultivation and expression of my experience of living in the mountains of Hudson Valley, NY. Wrapped into a downtempo-esque experience, Marble Mountain is meant to feel like a trance-inducing journey that concludes by returning you to where you started but in a much more appreciative and aware state of mind. This also marks the first of many more “downtempo” Vieira tracks to be released making this track very near and dear to my heart.


You can feel and hear the energy and love flowing from the track and into your ears

Hailing from the mountains of New York, this track expresses that environment in a serene way. His mind-altering beats and organic textures are interlaced with artificial and industrial elements without sacrificing any of his creative freedom.

Watching Vieira grow is a reward on its own. This track is a milestone for the underground artist and only solidifies himself as one to watch in the scene.

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