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The beardthug Pareidolia EP is out now on WAKAAN! The EP in its entirety is a genre-bending adventure, but one song in particular stood out. “LOVE” is a beautifully crafted tune, and a perfect close to the impressive release.

A “Glitch In The Matrix of The Human Condition

That’s how the duo, Seamus and Mallek, who together make up beardthug, describe their new album, and “LOVE” is the perfect example of that. With a title that invokes so much emotion, the pair found a way to transform those feelings into music. The track starts off with an aggressive, deep rumble as we enter unknown territory. At this point, we have absolutely no idea where this one is going. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a whisper of a melody begins to build in the background. As all of the sounds blend together and the energy is finally ready to burst, the ringing of a phone intrudes.

Why the fuck are you calling me right no-,” beardthug seamlessly fades this sound-bite into a melodic drop filled with different twists and random sounds. I never thought a belch could fit so well into a song, but I was proven wrong. The duo does a wonderful job ignoring the stereotypes of genres and just making engaging music. At different points, an aggressive sound will overtake the charming flow. Random natural sounds such as typing on a iPhone and other unique samples continue to contribute to the vibe.

After the drop, it flows swiftly throughout, with almost no time to take a breath. All gas, no brakes. With no idea what sound is coming next, beardthug makes “LOVE” an exciting and interesting listen.

beardthug LOVE
beardthug Pareidolia EP cover art

WAKAAN Takeover

Before the world turned upside down, 2020 was an exciting year for WAKAAN. Not only was the second WAKAAN Festival going to take place, but many larger festivals had WAKAAN takeovers scheduled. They also had the launch of their downtempo sibling label, SSKWAN. Still, the label has found a way to stay on top with massive releases from MIZE, Buku, NotLö and more. Now, WAKAAN adds more ammo to their arsenal with the release of Pareidolia from beardthug.

Passion Turned Into Sound

If this is your first time hearing of beardthug, consider yourself lucky, as you just discovered hours of music to dig through and enjoy. With releases on labels such as Minnesota’s Outer Realms, Circus Records, and now WAKAAN, beardthug is doing the damn thing.

Each song on this album will be perceived differently by every person that hears it, because we all have a slightly different auditory physiology, and we’ve all grown up with our own hardships and problems.

– beardthug on Pareidolia

It’s easy to recognize the passion that beardthug poured into this EP. The artists truly put meaning behind each song and made it about more than just the music. With many ways to perceive “LOVE,” listening is a full body and mind experience. Enjoy!

Listen to “LOVE” by beardthug below

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