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Mersiv ended 2020 by releasing his beautiful “Get To You” remix into the world. As we know, Mersiv is a champion of the “Beautiful & Filthy” blend. Today, he gave us the filth. “Talkin Bout” is a heavyweight banger. Once again, Mersiv found a way to deliver his distinctive sound in a unique manner.

“Talkin Bout” is the High Energy Banger Fans Have Been Waiting For

Mersiv absolutely dominated 2020. With releases such as the Paradise EP with Fryar, the Solar Vision EP with Manic Focus, and a lot more solo drops, Mersiv made his impact known. He also teased us at Okeechobee by playing a ton of unreleased heat. Now, he is starting off 2021 with that same fiery energy. “Talkin Bout” has everything you could want in a Mersiv release.

It starts out with the words “Talkin about” being repeated in the distance. This quickly builds into an energetic blend of sounds with ominous sirens ringing in the background. Then, we get the signature Mersiv drop, where he hits you with layers of bass and drums. He wastes no time getting to the second climax of the song, where the tone changes a bit. Mersiv delivers a wobbly second drop that will surely have a crowd moving once shows are back. Speaking of, hearing this on a proper sound system will be life-changing.

All of this in the short span of just 2 minutes and 8 seconds. While it may be short, each second is masterfully crafted, making “Talkin Bout” a perfect listen. Mersiv once again proves that he is one of the best in the game right now, with another powerful song.

Listen to “Talkin Bout” below, and support your favorite creatives:

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