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Report to the closest dance floor near you because NOISES has officially released his hypnotic EP, WYA, on Altered States. This two-track compilation is giving “late-night house” vibes with mesmeric beats and steady rhythms.

Hailing from the West Coast, NOISES is notorious for his booty-shaking releases and unique production. Many of these releases have been featured on Insomniac’s imprint, In/Rotation, including two solo EPs. Not to mention, his playful tune “The Plug” with Nostalgix was highlighted on In/Rotation’s Best of 2020 compilation. Over the years, NOISES has perfected his craft and strives to push the boundaries of house music and music in general. Now, WYA joins the list of his several memorable records.

WYA EP cover art
Art by: ODD co.

So, let’s dive into the rhythmic grooves of WYA.

WYA” starts strong and vigorous. Each consistent beat hits like a ton of bricks. The catchy lyrics quickly grab our attention until the cadence begins to accelerate. Then the track smoothly transitions into a whirlwind of boots n’ cats, making it nearly impossible not to sway along. Likewise, the swift tempo changes make “WYA” lively and engaging.

Similarly, “Own Style” is just as intriguing as the first song, with its crisp and upbeat melody. The drawn-out introduction builds anticipation while the echoing mantra recoils. NOISES combines minimal accents and hefty bass to create a classic four-on-the-floor banger. If there’s one thing he knows how to do best, it’s to keep the dance floor alive.

NOISES press photo
Photo by: Tyler

Overall, NOISES will always get the crowds dancing, and this new EP, WYA, is a testament to that! He puts just as much energy into his performances as his releases, so if you can, catch his set at the 3rd annual Deadbeats Backyard Jamboree. Otherwise, indulge in NOISES’ discography from the comfort of your home until he’s in a city near you! Let us know your favorite!

Deadbeats Backyard Jamboree lineup

Start dancin’ with NOISES & his EP, WYA, below!

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