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Covex is back with a new EP, Luna, with Seeking Blue on June 29. Denver-based producer, Brandon Bell, has been catching the attention of the EDM community one remix, one EP, and one stage at a time. He’s opened for artists like Big Gigantic, Said the Sky, and Inzo and has played at festivals like High Ground, Okeechobee, and Decadence. Luna is Covex’s second album and definitely doesn’t disappoint. He brings a unique, rounded-out talent to his music as he spearheads the production and vocals. Covex has shown us that his talent is unstoppable, and we’re looking forward to this EP and whatever may come next.

Covex posing in front of the ocean
Covex taken by Hudson Ratzlaff

Let’s begin our trip to Luna.

Broken” starts fast, fun, and energetic. It grabs us right away and takes us to a sunny place. The inviting beat continues, then slows… Covex’s voice enters at just the right time. Although the beat slows down, it never loses us. It picks right back up with a glittery, ecstatic energy. The lyrics are powerful, just like the constant drumline and beat. This track has hills and valleys, all working in tandem to create a beautiful, ethereal song that will keep us dancing.

The adventure is just starting off.

Waste Your Time” starts with harmonic beats right at the intro and takes us on a ride and adventure. This is a relatable track when you’re quite literally yearning for another person. When the vocals enter, the energy slows down to just the right pace. This track reminds us of sunset, when the weather cools to just the right temperature, and the warmth sits comfortably on your skin. It levels us, setting the scene for the next track.

Let’s take a step forward.

Step Forward” is a slower track, allowing us to really feel what Covex has crafted for us rather than just hearing. Although it’s slow, it keeps us moving. There’s a point in the song where everything slows, sounding almost like a heartbeat. What is Covex feeling? His vocals come in, piercing through the silence. Cloudy yet clear, this track grounds us and brings us back to earth.

What an adventure that was. These three tracks took us on a ride of feelings and melodies. As we mentioned before, we can’t wait to see what Covex does next. If you have yet to see Covex live, he puts on an incredible performance with a perfectly curated tracklist and top-tier vocals. Be sure to catch him on tour with Grabbitz in the fall for an unforgettable time.

Explore the Luna EP by Covex on all streaming services here!

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