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Inviting listeners to a world of introspection, Motifv continuously connects with his audience through emotive and thought-provoking wavelengths. The rising producer, known for his hip-hop style and soulful elements, is now taking his sound to another level. With releases like the Late Night Radio collaboration, “Hold On,” and the recent “Where is Love?” Motifv defines his sound through dreamy soundscapes and vintage sampling. Creating both audio and visual aesthetics, he showcases his project with collage-style graphics and cinematic vibes. Wanting to know more about this upcoming, multi-faceted creative, we’re honored to ask Motifv a few questions for ourselves.

Photo by Brittnay Teuber; @brizzzzzle

Khalila Haque (Electric Hawk): Let’s start things off with a bit about your production. For those just tuning into your frequency, how would you describe the Motifv sound?

Motifv: I would say my sound is a mix of hip-hop, soul, and electronic music, all blended in a beautiful collage of old and new, clean and dusty. Sometimes it’s introspective, sometimes, it makes you want to dance, but it will always make you feel something.

KH: Would you say you gravitate toward certain genres during creation? And if so, do you find yourself expanding and experimenting with other styles?

M: I’ve always found myself leaning towards hip-hop and soul the most in my music. And I still do that… But a lot of the music I’m making this year branches out past that and into new territories. I find myself experimenting with different energy levels and further developing the electronic/bass side of my sound. Same Motifv style, but growing and evolving.

Get to know Motifv’s sound with his album Dilated Mind.

KH: Who or what would you say influenced or inspired your production? 

M: Man, I have a wide range of different inspirations. The 90’s sample-based production was really my first love. I could name so many different producers from that era. Then I discovered Bonobo‘s first album, “Animal Magic”; it was the first time I remember thinking that hip-hop beats could be full songs. I started learning about what people were sampling to make this kind of music, and it opened a whole other door of influence. Since then, I’ve also found some inspiration in the slower, darker side of bass music, and even more recently, I’ve found a lot of inspiration in dub music like King Tubby or The Scientist. In 2022-2023, I started branching out and working with other peers and collaborators, and that also really inspired me and pushed me to keep leveling up.

KH: The Motifv aesthetic defines your project very well. Do you create the art for your music? Or is (are) there a particular visual artist(s) you share a vision with? 

M: I make all the cover art for my music. 

I made the artwork for my last album, Dilated Mind, by making a collage from the covers of all the records I had sampled while creating the album. And I’ve stuck with that same concept in all of my singles since then. I love how this makes the visual art and the music feel so cohesive. I’ve also made poster art for my shows and recently started editing more videos, like the visualizer that came out this week for my latest single, “Where Is Love?” I have my hands on pretty much everything. 

"Where Is Love?" cover art by Motifv

KH: Diving deeper into the Motifv project, how would you say you’ve grown as an artist since you first started? 

M: I think I’ve grown a lot since this all started. From a technical perspective, I think I’m in a better position to execute my vision than ever before. I also think I’m more confident in what I’m making from a production standpoint as well as an artistic one. I’m still fairly new to performing, and my sets get better every time I play. I also find myself in a new phase of life right now, so the narrative in my current productions has evolved a little bit to fit my current reality.

KH: Regarding one of your recent releases, “Hold On,” what’s it like working with Late Night Radio?

M: Alex is the best. He’s great to work with and really took that song to the next level. I think our styles blend super well, and with us already being homies, it came together organically. This was also the first collaboration I’ve ever done, so I learned a lot from him in the process. Shout out to my guy, LNR. 

Photo of Motifv & Late Night Radio
Photo of Motifv & Late Night Radio by Brittany Teuber; @brizzzzzle

KH: You’ve supported some of our favorites, like Daily Bread, in live settings and hit festivals like Gem & Jam earlier this year. Is there any live experience that’s stuck with you? 

M: That’s a tough one… I think Summer Camp last year was a really fun one. That was the first festival I had ever played, and the whole experience was pretty memorable.

Opening for Daily Bread at the Mishawaka is another one that has stuck with me. I grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado, so I used to go up to the Mish all the time when I was younger, and it was really cool to be on that stage instead of in the crowd. 

But honestly, every time I play, my set gets better. I think all the best live experiences are still to come. 

KH: We noticed your spot on the Sonic Bloom line-up and are very excited about what you have in store for your set. Are there any other upcoming events you’d like to share? 

M: I’m also excited for Sonic Bloom. This will be my first time there, and I want to show up proper. As far as other upcoming events, I can’t say anything just yet. But I definitely have some cool opportunities on the horizon.

KH: Besides live sets, we can’t wait for more music. Are there any upcoming releases or projects we should look out for?

M: There definitely are; so many cool things are coming.

I can’t say too much yet, but be on the lookout for more new music from me, some special collaborations, and my first-ever merch drop. I also just put out a single titled “Where Is Love?” last week, so go check that out if you haven’t.

Photo of Motifv at Summer Camp
Photo of Motifv at Summer Camp by Tara Gracer; @taragracerfoto

Motifv has set a bar for live experiences by supporting artists like Daily Bread and The Floozies last year. In February, his vibe-y performance at Gem & Jam was followed by the notorious two-night Late Night Radio & Friends at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. With Sonic Bloom just around the corner and now announcing his support at GRiZ‘s Ursa Major in September, we’re beyond excited to witness Motifv flourish more than ever.

Catch Motifv alongside the incredible support at GRiZ’s Ursa Major and Daily Bread’s Cinema in the Sky!

Ursa Major lineup

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