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Selling out the Black Box in under two minutes, Cloud Conductor served eventgoers with a heavy, hip-hop-infused set. Daily Bread (AKA Cloud Conductor) left fans begging for more after crushing it at Red Rocks Amphitheater as direct support for Mersiv on April 6th. The home for the underground hosted bread fans from all over the country, providing exceptional sound vibrations with mesmerizing lasers.

Daily Bread press photo
Photo credit: Brittany Teuber

Setting the Tone

The spring sun warmed Denver, CO, on April 7th, setting the uplifting vibes for the evening. Fans lined up for the Black Box earlier than ever, posting up around 8 PM to ensure their prime spot. We walked into the main room to Tone Connect‘s set, showcasing hip-hop flares with wave inspirations. Afterward, the all:Lo collective member parkbreezy took the stage, electronically fusing hip-hop elements and lofi vibrations.

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The Cloud Conducted Experience

Rhett Whatley began the experience with jazzy tracks, teasing “All The Wrong I’ve Done” into a remix of “A Night in Atlanta. The Black Box’s main room was filled with lasers and a psychedelic backdrop while it began to vibrate underneath our feet. Heavier hip-hop-inspired tracks kept the ground moving throughout the evening, from “Riches” to a lyrical guest appearance from Obeah. Galactic energy covered the crowd with drops like Artifakts“Sputnik IV” and the classic “Spaceships on 285.

As the evening wrapped up, Cloud Conductor strongly closed with a VIP and the heavy-hitting “Snickerz. The hour-and-a-half set ranged from bluesy soundscapes, heavy hip-hop inspiration, and groovy atmospheres. His signature vintage flares with electronically modern sound sent us through the clouds and back to the moon.

Daily Bread / Black Box press photo
Photo credit: Brittany Teuber

Daily Bread’s alias, Cloud Conductor, is known to dive deeper into his music, serving die-hard fans with underground favorites. So it’s no surprise the Black Box in Denver was the perfect fit for a rare experience like this. From groovy hip-hop sets to drum and bass to experimental, the Black Box has us covered in every aspect. The Denver venue curates one-of-a-kind line-ups for almost every day of the week, catering to all electronic genres. Check out The Black Box’s event calendar to plan your next experience, or tune into their Twitch to avoid the FOMO.

Black Box crowd photo
Photo credit: Brittany Teuber

Thank you to the Cloud Conductor & the Black Box for such a meaningful night!

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