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Still riding the waves from his collaborative Paradise EP on WAKAAN, Mersiv shows why he’s one of the most versatile and exciting bass artists in this age with his new downtempo offering, “Osmosis.”

Starting the Mersiv Sound Project in 2015, Colorado native Anderson “Andy” Benoit Gallegos has skyrocketed on an upward trajectory, known for fusing healing frequencies together with deep, dark bass. With “Osmosis,” Mersiv now gives fans the chance to listen to a song that dates back to his Digital Eden era, but still resonates widely in today’s climate.

Mersiv Osmosis

Just as osmosis occurs naturally in biology, the single equalizes two parallel basslines into one. Exuding precision in his field, a goosebump-worthy introduction cascades into a harmonic, yet also primal sonic masterpiece.

For more downtempo Mersiv material, you can also check out his most recent “Beat Retreat” mix debuted on his independent record label MorFlo Records, intended to showcase creativity through flow arts.

Listen to “Osmosis” by Mersiv below now:

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