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Electric Hawk is excited and proud to premiere a new track “In Motion” from the forthcoming collaborative EP Paradise by Mersiv and our very own Electric Hawk artist, Fryar. The track entitled “In Motion” carries heaps of healing energy through ethereal vibrations. A fitting track title, as it quite literally creates motion throughout the track, by introducing the driving synths right off the bat and not letting off the pedal for all three and a half minutes.

Although brief, the release carries its weight in quality, not quantity. Balancing gnarly distorted basses with beautiful harmonics, the two artists created a two-track EP that people are gonna have on repeat for a long time. The Paradise EP is as refreshing and energizing as the first sip of a McDonald’s sprite. The full EP will be available Friday, September 18th on WAKAAN.

Fryar shared some thoughts with us on the upcoming release and more.

Nahum: When did the Paradise project begin for you and how did the EP come together?

Fryar: So, we had “In Motion” finished for a while, but we hadn’t really decided what to do with it. I think after “In Motion,” we wanted to figure out a plan for our release and we realized that we wanted to do something really special for our collaborative effort. The track “Paradise” came together a couple of months after we finished “In Motion,” and the pieces just fell into place from there.

Nahum: What was it like working with Mersiv on this release? How do your styles mesh/differ?

Fryar: I think Andy (Mersiv) and I have somewhat similar styles. We work together really well and he understands my style and I can understand his. I didn’t even really have to tell him where I wanted to go with the tracks. He just kinda knew what to do. It all came together very naturally when we worked together.

Nahum: The track “In Motion,” despite not having any words, charges the listener with emotion and feeling. What is the specific emotion/feeling that went into this track?

Fryar: The purpose of these tracks is to have the energy that creates movement. I believe both of these tracks accomplish exactly that.

Nahum: Since 2017, you’ve steadily released single after single. Following this two-track project, are you ready to drop a bigger project or do you plan on sticking with single releases?

Fryar: The plan this year was to finish an album, but I was toying with the idea of different styles and what my sound was. Now, with everything going on, I’m looking to release an EP, or possibly an album next year… we will see how things progress.

Nahum: This past weekend you performed virtually at Electric Hawk’s Harmony Festival. What was the virtual festival experience like for you as an artist and what’s your favorite thing about working with EH?

Fryar: It’s really awesome to see a plethora of many artists from many different genres. I don’t know if any streams were really able to curate that vast of a variation with genres.

Nahum: What’s next for the Fryar project?

Fryar: Along with a possible EP release at the end of this year/beginning of next year, I might also look into doing some Fryar merch, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

“In Motion” by Fryar and Mersiv is now available for an early listen here. Check it out below!

The rest of the EP will also be available this Friday, September 18th on WAKAAN.

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