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Gracing us with absolute perfect timing for the first day of dark Scorpio season, Ternion Sound has released the awaited Far North Dubs EP through Artikal Music UK. Of course, the trio feeds us that low-frequency madness we know and love. However, this time they also treat us to a different type of sound- a more minimal style, that original UK dubstep spiciness.

Since the release of the Exploration EP earlier this summer, they’ve expanded their craft and given us new variety of music. With each release, their growth and creativity surrounding bass music proves that there’s always going to be lot more where that came from.

Ternion Sound has a brand new perspective with this two-sided EP.

The Far North Dubs EP definitely showcases our variety in styles. The first 2 tracks, ‘Parasite VIP’ and ‘The 14th’ are really attention grabbing and quite heavy (‘Parasite VIP’ in particular). The B side features 2 tracks that are much more minimal and dubby, closer to the UK dubstep style that we enjoy so much.

– Aric Okerman of Ternion Sound, interviewed by L&H Entertainment
Far North Dubs EP Ternion Sound
Ternion Sound

The three-headed beast known as Ternion Sound was created at Infrasound Music Festival in 2016, when bass music DJ/producers Apparition, Johnny Foreplay, and Nostalgia joined forces for an impromptu B2B set on the Beach stage.

Since the formation, they have seen releases on Chestplate, Artikal, Silent Motion, DankNDirty Dubz, Prime Audio as well as support from the biggest tastemakers in dubstep. 

I think we’ve really grown a lot since our initial release with ARTIKAL. It feels like we’ve become a lot more consistent with our DJing, and we are all continuously pushing ourselves to be better music producers. We also have been putting in a lot of work on the business side of the project. We’ve got a new Patreon with loads of extra features to keep in touch with our fans and friends more easily.

Aric Okerman of Ternion Sound, interviewed by L&H Entertainment

Tonight, Ternion Sound teams up with L&H Entertainment for a livestream to showcase Far North Dubs.

The Ternion Sound EP Release stream will air at 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. CST today, October 23rd, on the L&H Entertainment Twitch account at:

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