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It’s about that time again – new music Friday – come see what’s new this week and make those speakers go brrrr.

Starting new music Friday on the right foot, we’ve got our boys Common Creation x Matheny bringing their fire new EP, Irresponsible.

Whoever let these two get in the studio together is what’s really irresponsible here. Starting off with “Big Gucci Sofa,” this track will have you feeling yourself HARD with the heavy bass. But before you drop it down low, you gotta “Bring That Back” for the second track and throw that ass proper!

Next up, “Seagulls,” brought to you by the talented duo Grand Tapestry.

Dropped the lead track off their upcoming album, Tides. “Seagulls” brings the senses back to summer time (remember her?), on the beach shore, where time freezes momentarily and you’re drawn into a serene soundscape. Featuring Raaginder on the violin and Kamaljeet Ahluwalia on the Santoor, a rare and exquisite hammered dulcimer from Kashmir.

Coming next in line are our favorite dawgs, Slang Dogs. Their new track “Infect” will seep into your mind and take over.

A sinister track, it definitely fits the mood this October. Keeping the basslines down low, with some percussion and snares, this track makes me feel like I’m approaching my doom. The calm hits of a bell only add to the suspense, where is the monster? Am I already becoming the monster? Come find out and get contaminated.

Our most recent Nest release featured Hallucinate x Oli, bringing in the “Desert” heat.

Another journey of a tune; this project gives the mysterious feeling of being lost, cursed to wander the desert for all time. The simple build up compliments the drop, and still leaves the listener in suspense for more.

Alright, this one goes brraazy! Nyarly throws down on new heavy track, “Avoidance.”

Giving us some dark sound design, Lovecraft would be proud. The constantly shifting rhythms will keep you on your toes, with the heavy bass complimenting the overall feel of the track. He is definitely one to watch.

After that, we have powerhouse Jaenga with his new EP, Nomad. Just gotta say, this is my favorite work of his to date, every song is certified gas-no-breaks.

Drawing inspiration from his travels on an old school bus, Nomad, is a “grassroots” piece of art. Comprised of many sub genres, each track is an ode to his respect for the scene. From his signature heavy bass, trance-like melodies, and that catchy drum and bass sound, this EP is for the people.

Following a long two-year hiatus, Galimatias continues to surprise us with a new single, “Laying Low.”

Anyone who’s kept tabs on Galimatias will know just how excited the scene was for his album drop, Renaissance Boy. Continuing to bless us, the mastermind recently dropped “Laying Low” and it’s every bit as angelic as the album. A beautiful soundscape with soft strokes of the piano; he transports listeners to a different world where only his voice is the center. Your earholes will thank you, and so will your peace of mind.

Last, but certainly not least, Mersiv brings you a heavy downtempo surprise, “Osmosis.”

This is exactly what we needed on this fine Friday afternoon. It’s reminiscent to a float tank, slowly being reformed by the reverberating bass lines. Taking the scene by storm, the master curator of sound production shows no sign of letting up.

So, what are you listening to this New Music Friday? Let us know your favorite new track by tagging us on Twitter. See you next week!

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