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Mad Zoo returns with Mad Too compilation album, the second installment of its compiled works series. Mad Too brings bass music of all sorts to the table. With drum & bass, halftime, IDM, and other sorts of experimental bass making an appearance on this project, it is very clear that Mat Zo does not discriminate against good music no matter the genre. The multi-genre producer stated “We wanted our next compilation to be themed around drum & bass, but also exploring other styles while remaining cohesive. It seems producers are exploring drum & bass and we’re 100% all for it.”

 Mat Zo’s label, Mad Zoo, always curates some of the best in bass music and he has continued that pattern here. The forward-thinking Mad Too compilation includes talents such as Chee, Tsuruda, and Electric Hawk’s very own Acrillics. When asked about the album, Acrillics said “We’re so honored to have our track ‘Excess’ featured. The compilation as a whole is absolutely awesome and working with Mat and his team was a great experience.” 

Certain names have pressed their thumbprint on the development of bass music and EDM in general. These artists usually come in the form of Headliners such as Noisia, Zeds Dead, Skrillex, Liquid Stranger, and others. One thing that all these artists have in common is a desire to push the industry forward. These artists have scouted talents and created collaborative projects to highlight them.

Examples of this desire to share music include We Are Deadbeats (Zeds Dead), Wakaan Compilation (liquid stranger), as well as In Harmony which was put together by our label here at Electric Hawk. Mat Zo has been taking demos for a while and we are so excited for you to hear the final product. Check out the Mad Too compilation album here.

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