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Kraysh is no stranger to letting his mind manipulate the abstract into music and he does it yet again with his latest single ‘Thoughts.’ The Toronto-based producer delivers us a track full of in-your-face scratches and eerie drums that only he could weave into a melody.

I didn’t have anything specific in mind when I made it, just an attempt to translate some of my darker thoughts into audio – Hence the name


This track starts off with a somber sequence of bells and then takes a dive right into the near radio-static scratches. Next, the first drop is a heavy mixture of scratches that seem to surround the listener from every angle. Kraysh quickly cycles back to the eerie build for the second drop and does it all over again. Tension builds and quickly releases just before building again. This track keeps the listener on their toes wondering what will happen next.

Kraysh has been a quiet artist most of his career. He’s had some incredible releases on the MAD ZOO label, including one of my favorite tracks of all time, ‘Talk to Me.’ He’s been releasing a lot more frequently the past year as well as appearing on more and more Toronto line-ups. It will be very exciting to see what 2020 has in store for Kraysh.

Listen/Stream to Kraysh – ‘Thoughts’

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