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Lizzy Jane has been making some big strides in the past year, no doubt about it. This week, she breathes energy into “My Heart VIP.” She put an energetic twist on her original track “My Heart,” and we are simply in love. Lizzy Jane has been producing bass music for just a short handful of years now, but she has quickly made her mark in the dubstep community. With releases on Nightenjin, Excision’s newly-founded Subsidia Records, and some collaborations with the talented GRL GNG, Lizzy Jane is a name you’ll want to remember.

The original version of the track “My Heart” is a single released on the Nightenjin Pit Crew Vol. 1 compilation album almost a year ago. 13/10 recommend checking that bad boy out. Now time has passed, and Lizzy Jane has blessed us with a killer VIP dropping November 25th.

With a mystic introduction, vocals softly pulsing in the background, and upbeat synths, the listener’s attention is captured immediately. By the first 8 counts of the initial drop, it’s already a wild ride. Throughout, Lizzy Jane brings out some old dubstep vibes with a big beat switch up from the original track. With more high end bounce and variety of sound design, I definitely wish live shows were around so I could hear this on some thicc speakers.

She really said “all gas, no brakes” on this revamp. She expresses a lot of flair by teasing extended melodies, and combining just the right amount of dance and her signature grit.

Pre-save & listen to Lizzy Jane’s “My Heart VIP” out on Nightenjin here first:

If you’re a fan of podcasts or radio shows, you have to check out the XO series curated by Lizzy Jane herself.

XO Radio show has been going strong on Soundcloud for about two years now and has featured DJ mixes from a variety of cool guests including Emalkay, Moore Kismet, and Acrillics.

And the XO Podcast is brand spankin’ new! Lizzy Jane just dropped Episode #1 with Modestep last week! The XO Podcast is a great way to stay connected with the EDM community and hear about current hot topics within the industry. As of now it’s available to stream through Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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Looking for new music? Keep up with our weekly Spotify Playlist, Fresh Hunts. It’s updated every Friday with all the latest releases. Whether it’s new Lizzy Jane, all your other favorite artists, some old-school, or underground…we just want you to hear it.

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