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After proving herself as one of the prominent up-and-comers in the dubstep scene, LAYZ blows us out of the water with her debut EP Eye of The Storm. The Maryland-based producer throws three heavy hitters at us to take the 2023 energy up UP UP.

LAYZ Eye of the Storm jvernephoto Electric Hawk
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I had a lot of fun creating this EP from start to finish. From standing in the pouring rain to record content for “INCOMING”, running outside my house with my microphone to record real, organic rain and thunder sound effects, and stressful nights trying to hit the deadline… it was all worth it.


Surge Into The Incoming Tempest With Us…

The EP starts off strong and heavy with a massive collab with RZRKT called “Incoming.” First released back in November, this duo proved that their medley of monster basslines would captivate and control mosh pits around the country. The track starts with a creeping and hypnotic intro while the build-up lulls the listener into a brief steady trance before unleashing the full power of the storm. A collab made for headbangers, the drops are heavy hitting and offer many different layers of rhythms and sounds. As this was a sneak peek into the new EP, LAYZ proves that she is already the master of the storm. 

Following the first explosive tune, the second, dubbed “Surge,” certainly brings the big stomp energy. As the name suggests, this song’s influx of power feels like riding a storm surge as strong as the tides themselves. Swelling and undulating with tension and gritty kicks, the energy on this track culminates in a tsunami of sound. Accented by thundering basslines, “Surge” begs you to break the rail.  

LAYZ  jvernephoto Electric Hawk
Photo credit: @jveronephoto

A Strong Send-off…

And last, but certainly not least, LAYZ ends her EP with “Tempest.” Starting with a longer intro that features the wind and rain, she gives the listener a brief moment of reprieve after the first two tracks. Similar to the EP cover art, LAYZ places the listener in the epicenter of the storm. The melodic, cinematic intro takes you into the song as a ship sails toward an open and angry ocean. The drop has an electrifying impact with growling, metallic-sounding bass. A strong finish to Eye of The Storm, this song shows off LAYZ’s ability to mix jolting, vivid dubstep, and the natural and beautifully chaotic energy of a storm. 

Starting this March, LAYZ will be support for Kayzo on the Unleashed XL Tour! If you couldn’t get enough of her new EP and want to hear it live, get your tickets HERE.

Listen To Eye Of The Storm Below!

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