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Time to jolt out of bed and awaken your inner headbanger with LAYZ and her latest single “Spark,” released this Friday, January 28th through Welcome Records. Spark” up the pit as you listen to the talented, upcoming producer LAYZ release the metal head inside of you. Naturally, you will be needing to catch your breath after listening to this track!

LAYZ performance photo
Photo Credit: @darkslides

Influenced by Sullivan King & PhaseOne’s metal intros, I wanted to take my shot at it! Growing up listening to heavy metal, I wanted to try my hand at mixing metal and dubstep together.


It’s time to “Spark” that inner headbanger

LAYZ unleashes the dormant spirit of the metalhead out of you. Immediately starting the track off with the high-pace kicks and bass, as the tension is only just beginning. Without realizing it, you’ll catch yourself performing the air drums and guitar in your room along to the track. An electrifying single that energizes anyone that takes a listen. LAYZ perfectly meshes the heavy metal elements we grew up with and darker dubstep principles to craft a beastly tune. And through the fire and flames of the storm ending, LAYZ emerges from the ashes headbanging.

Nevertheless, LAYZ revives that hardcore spirit that lies within most of us. For a quick 2:22, an angel number, there is nothing holy about this track. After all the headbanging, two-stepping, and moshing wherever you are, you can’t help but crave for more. If you are wanting a track to spark that fire inside for the journey you’re about to venture to, add this to all your playlists. After all, the moment you press play, there will be a beast ready to conquer any task at hand.

LAYZ Spark Cover Art

LAYZ electrifying the scene and it’s only just the beginning!

About to embark with Sullivan King on his Loud & Reckless tour and later in the Spring with Kayzo to Canada and select March dates, LAYZ continues to take over wherever she takes stage. LAYZ creates an ever-powerful presence, that isn’t hesitating for anybody. “Spark” is just the beginning of where 2022 will take her. As she continues to flourish and garner more of her fanbase through touring and future releases, LAYZ is an act you won’t want to miss. Already having summer plans to perform at Forbidden Kingdom, it is without a doubt that LAYZ will proceed to be added to future lineups. Undoubtedly, LAYZ’s future is bright and blazing hot, and we will be monitoring every step of it!

Strike a “Spark” and listen to LAYZ’s latest single below!

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