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The first day of spring is marked on our calendars as Saturday, March 20th, but Lane 8 released his spring 2021 mixtape today, so scratch that. It’s spring when he says it is. And in typical Lane 8 fashion, he has swept us off our feet yet again with this 3-hour spring edition of his seasonal mixtapes.

The mixtape embodies everything we know and love about springtime.

The smell of the fresh, wet dirt after it rains outside, the first shy rays of sunshine warming up your skin after a long, cold winter, flowers started to re-emerge and bloom. Oh yes, this is a driving-with-your-windows down mix to a tee. If you don’t get that green tea matcha latte while listening to this, baby, you’re doing it wrong.

Featuring recent Sultan + Shepard single “All That Remains” on Lane 8’s label This Never Happened, a breathtaking Yotto remix of Faithless, some Chris Lake, and more, the 3 hours seem to pass all too quickly while listening to this one. Enveloped in creamy synths and dance melodies, this is a mix we wouldn’t mind losing all track of time to.

We know it’s a tale old as time, but Lane 8’s mixes truly age like fine wine and somehow just keep getting better. Play a seasonal mixtape at our funeral, please.

Listen to the new Lane 8 Spring 2021 Mixtape below:

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