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As moonlight pours into your window, illuminating the story unfolding within your dreams. A Hundred Drums and DJ Afterthought guide you through a “Dream State” with their latest invigorating lullaby.

A Hundred Drums had a phenomenal year in 2021. Not only did she release her symbolic and powerful Enough is Enough EP on Deadbeats, she’s also played various shows at reputable venues like Red Rocks and Meow Wolf. DJ Afterthought has also been making waves recently. From having a guest mix on Deadbeats Radio to playing an iconic set at Lost Lands, and we can’t forget his insane collab, “Mawlee,” with Riot Ten and Young Buck.

This collaboration feels like a dream

A Hundred Drums joins forces with DJ Afterthought to create this empyrean downtempo tune. Both artists stated that they “really wanted to think outside of the box with this one,” and we think they just did that. 

Photograph by on Instagram
Photograph by @danielkellyfilm on Instagram

The track opens with a beautiful and melodic serenade. We slowly ease into otherworldly sounds, revving up like a spacecraft prepping for a trip into the astral realm. Finally, we ascend into the first drop. Bass soundwaves reverberate in perfect synthesis with our brainwaves. Subtle bird noises quickly flutter in and out, calling attention to the fine-tuned details of this mix. 

The track’s oscillating dynamics come to a temporary halt as we reach the bridge of this track. The instrumentation strips down and shifts gears. A modulated bass lead returns, building intensity and blazing the trail for a visceral drum solo turned drum outro. Voice improvisation and call and response techniques gently bring your “Dream State” to a close. 

If you’re anything like us, we know that after hearing this track you’re itching to see it live. Thankfully there is an abundance of opportunities coming up! A Hundred Drums has an insanely busy schedule, including BUKU Music + Art Project, Bonnaroo Music + Arts Festival, Electric Forest, and even some tour stops with Rezz. DJ Afterthought has also been teasing us with show announcements, so stay tuned for those to drop!

Listen to “Dream State” from A Hundred Drums and DJ Afterthought below!

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