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Celebrating ten years of music production, Montreal-based producer Aether stuns us with his newest EP, Moonstone. This enchanting 4-track project, released on Monstercat, features dreamy and ambient sounds that form an atmosphere as bright and crystalized as gemstones. To celebrate the release of this magical EP, we spoke with Aether about the concepts and influences of the EP.

Throughout his career, Aether has been attracted to ambient and ethereal sounds. An avid video game player, he has created tracks for Rocket League and a four-track passion project inspired by Minecraft. With over 22 million streams across all platforms, this Scottish-born producer has what it takes to create introspective and dreamy music.

Sprinkled with soothing fractal-like sounds, his most recent EP, Moonstone, fosters a sense of both compassion and acceptance. Gemstones are formed by heat and pressure deep within the Earth. Aether has found a way to express their transformation into light structures sonically. After being diagnosed with a rare eye disease, Retinitis Pigmentos, a genetic disorder that affects the retina and eventually causes legal blindness, Aether adapted his music-making system. He now uses a specialized keyboard and audio software that transforms the way he makes music. Successful and well-versed in creating lush and ethereal music, Aether is a glimmering example of beauty through transformation.

Let’s Shine Some Light on Moonstone

Album Art by @stuballingerart

Nix (Electric Hawk): What about gemstones influenced this EP? Was it more about imagery or the metaphysical properties that these stones have?

Aether: Actually, it was their transformative nature. They start as raw minerals in the Earth and are carefully refined to become polished gemstones that we use to decorate. So it’s that transformative nature that drew me to the idea. The Moonstone EP was originally an ambient EP, but I decided to set a challenge to transform that EP into something more electronic and forward-thinking.

N: The artworks released for this album and the songs “Tourmaline” and “Sapphire” are absolutely beautiful! How did you connect with the artist Stu Ballinger for these pieces?

Aether: Stu has been a good friend of mine for a couple of years and a fan of mine for even longer. He first appeared on my radar when he tagged me in some pictures of my vinyls he had purchased. I then looked through his page and instantly fell in love with his unique and vibrant style!

N: Speaking of art, you make your own, showcasing 3D artwork and music that you’ve created. What interests you about 3D art, and how does that influence the creation of the Installation series?

Aether: Oh wow, this is super recent. I only dabbled in it a little since last summer, so I’m far from considering myself a 3D artist. Still, being surrounded by many talented people in the art space leads me to unlock so much inspiration and curiosity to explore that domain myself.

The deeper you explore, the more the scenery changes, and in turn, the song will begin to switch too!


N: I know you are a big fan of video games and writing scores for them. If the Moonstone EP became a score for a video game, what would that game look and feel like?

Aether: Oh wow, super cool question. Maybe a [role-playing game] where you navigate through a floating forest at night. With some plant species emitting light and crystals orbiting in the floating forest. The deeper you explore, the more the scenery changes, and in turn, the song will begin to switch too!

N: Wonderful!! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Aether: I have a lot of upcoming music, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Thank you for the great questions, and I hope everyone enjoys the Moonstone EP on Monstercat!

Photo Courtesy of Tracey Taylor

Listen to all of the Moonstone EP here:

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