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Studies have shown that streaming this track will cure Monday blues, Sunday Scaries, and all other bad days in between… Okay, so maybe we don’t have any REAL studies to prove this, but after listening to this Know Matter and Kursa collab, you’ll understand how “Bad Case Of The Mondays” is an instant mood switcher.

If Know Matter is a new name to you, LISTEN UP. This guy is a madman that knows a thing or two about producing. If you enjoy all those mind turns to mush type beats, dive into Know Matter’s discography. It only makes sense he teams up with someone like Kursa to create such a whirlwind of a tune.

As 28States commented on Soundcloud, this track does feature quite the girthy intro. Unlike 2020 though, it’s good. Sure to have you on the edge of your seat going into minute one, you’ll be practically begging for a drop.

Lucky for you, these boys have just what you need. Needless to say, things get a little weird, and sound starts to bend in ways we never knew possible. The pounding drums, vocal chops, and all-around madness leave us wondering what day of the week even is it??

Hear “Bad Case Of The Mondays” for yourself.

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