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Have you heard? UK powerhouse producer Lone Drum is back, baby. With a new 5-track EP, Monochrome, that’ll have you “Bumpin’ this real shit every f***ing night.

Shoutout to Slug Wife for allowing us to premiere the second track off the EP, “Bumpin‘,” a downright grimy track that’ll have you wiping the sweat off your upper lip.

As a label which rejects genres and instead prefers to eat them, Slug Wife’s support of their artists creative direction and for them to retain full creative freedom is noted and appreciated.

As soon as this track comes on, your head is boppin’, your hips are movin’ to the snares and bass hooks. Coupled with rhythmically distorted vocal samples, the sound development is just oh-so *chef’s kiss.* You’ll be cutting shapes on your living room floor while Lone Drum chops up the beats on your speakers.

Lone Drum Bumpin'
Monochrome EP – FYONAFINN Artwork

The resident scratch DJ from the Slug Wife crew delivers a whopping 5-track EP, Monochrome. Seriously, this EP packs a punch.

Rage-ga,” the first track off the EP, pays homage to UK dance music with its fresh throwback-like feel. While “Supersport” and “Superseeded” reminds us who the turntable master really is. Finally, “Radio Shuffle” loops them all together for a punch in the gut bass hook. The snares and synths all bubble together to bring this scratchy experience to a filthy end.

We expect no less from Lone Drum, also known as Ben Parker. If you caught the fifth installment of our very own Harmony online festival series, you’ll know the London-based DJ/producer does not come to play. Being one of the three esteemed members of the live scratch project, K.L.O. (Kursa and Osmetic), Parker delivers the escape from reality we all needed.

With SLUG WIFE, it’s all fun and no compromise.


Listen to “Bumpin'” here and look out for the full 5-track EP drop tomorrow:

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