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From the bright mind of ODESZA’s creative director, Sean Kusanagi, comes an introspective EP entitled I Feel It Slowly. Soothing, feathery, and glistening with hope, Kusanagi’s work feels like a breath of fresh air.

Kusanagi I Feel It Slowly EP Electric Hawk
I Feel It Slowly EP Artwork – Shot by Sean Kusanagi on a trip to Japan

So this is what creatives do when they aren’t actively doing their main creative outlet.

The short and sweet EP, released on January 1st, is Kusanagi’s debut musical project and we are beyond stoked about it. He typically dabbles in the filmography and show-design realm, but he clearly had some extra time on his hands. And of course, he is no stranger to beautiful music, as he is constantly alongside the Foreign Family Collective talents! In fact, Kusanagi actually played guitar on every ODESZA album so far and has even performed live with the beloved duo. (“Late Night” with live guitar… if you know, you know.) To top it all off, Harrison and Clayton have an entire song named after Kusanagi; this guy MUST be amazing!

Kusanagi’s I Feel It Slowly EP calls you to stop and slow down.

Sitting at just about 15 minutes, I Feel It Slowly offers up the perfect escape. The 5 ambient tracks could easily guide your next yoga or meditation session! “Sarah” and “Mel” start the EP off on a seemingly peaceful and positive note. Meanwhile, “Ito” and “Max” (feat. tamai), suggest reflection and introspection. And finally, “I Feel It Slowly, Pt. 2” brings peace and tranquility to your space. In short, Kusanagi has created a work of art with this EP and we cannot wait for what is ahead of this!

Be sure to give I Feel It Slowly from the multi-talented Kusanagi a thorough listen, you will not regret it!

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