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KIBA has truly impressed us with the second single, “Save Me,” from his upcoming Seraph EP. The track is a powerfully impacting tune with a beautifully flowing melody and lyrics that hit close to home.

The new single is an intoxicating blend of elements he’s also incorporated in some of his other recent releases. Previously, he’s brought us incredibly memorable singles like “Siren” and “Heartless.” Likewise, the spectrum of different sounds he uses throughout his musical creations demonstrates his skill in a range of soundscapes. From hard-hitting, heavy drops to magically uplifting melodies, KIBA never disappoints.

KIBA’s visualizer posted on YouTube for the first phase of his Seraph EP, “You Got Me”

Kicking off with electrifying vibrations that will give you chills, “You Got Me” is truly an unforgettable composition. Captivating lyrics flow smoothly into an upbeat and catchy musical pulse. Similarly, the cascading transition to its ending adds even more layers of depth to the mystical tune. Undoubtedly, the first phase of KIBA’s EP really set the mood for what he had in store next.

“Save Me” is the second phase of his new EP, and is an uplifting future bass beat. This track reveals a side of KIBA we haven’t seen before and only makes us excited to see more. Its enticing build-ups, huge synths, and emotional drops really draw us into a whirlwind of feelings. In addition, this tune features lyrics from Katie Carlene that will make anyone who listens passionately sing along.

KIBA comments on the second phase of his forthcoming EP,

“Save Me” is more of a melodic and emotional vibe than the first release and one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever gotten to work on.


Without a doubt, Seraph is nothing short of amazing so far. In both “You Got Me” and “Save Me,” his creative vision for this new release was really able to shine through.

Listen to “Save Me” by KIBA below, and keep an eye out for what he’s got coming your way next. Seraph EP out this Wednesday, May 25.

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