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If I was a producer, remixing Flume would be out of the fucking question. But CUSTOME and Equator did a “You & Me” flip and we were seriously impressed. The track is out via The Goodphellas, and you can listen to it now!

As you may know, my one true love is trap music. So this Flume flip caught my attention and pulled at the heartstrings. Not only does it keeps flumes magnificent essence, but CUSTOME and Equator also do something completely new with the track.

Of course, the original song was created by the legendary Disclosure, but Flume’s remix made this into a classic that normies can enjoy and that everyone in the scene can sing along to.

The two producers were able to make it into a trap banger

You can’t deny the track’s future bass roots that Flume pioneered, but CUSTOME and Equator are able to make the drops hit hard in a different way. They’re able to mix Flume’s signature sound as well as build it up with trappy 808s, and their own future bass sound into this “You & Me” bootleg.

As one of the most notable songs in electronic music, you’d have to expect big things from DJs who try to re-do the song. The Australian producers didn’t disappoint us at all!

Listen to the CUSTOME and Equator “You & Me” flip below and let us know what you think!

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